Four men. Zero jobs. One goal. Well, one goal with two parts.

Beginning in March 2011, our hardy band will be marching overland from Georgia to Maine along the Appalachian Trail. For each mile of treacherous, orc-infested wild we traverse (and there are many) we are asking YOU, dear reader, to pledge a critical donation to the Mufindi Highlands Orphans Project.

What is the Mufindi Highlands Orphans Project? In formal terms, the Project is a humanitarian effort to provide relief to thousands of children in central Tanzania whose parents have perished in the region's ongoing AIDS epidemic. In more basic terms, the Project describes a school, six dormitories and an AIDS testing clinic for the people of Mufindi -- all critical pieces of infrastructure that did not exist five years ago.

The next step in a better way of life for the good people of the Mufindi region is a full service hospital. Work has begun on this project (Mdabulo General Hospital) already, but more help is needed.

Donation information is plentifully supplied throughout the site (albeit tastefully, we hope). Moreso than in any other part of the world, every little bit in Mufindi helps. Please check back, spread the word, tell your friends. Top donors will be brought back a pet bear.


Mike "Hollywood" Healy - Harpooner Erik "Boots" Christensen - Navigationist Christopher "Danger" Mendrala - Sergeant at Arms James "Gower" Gower - Quartermaster Katherine "Kate" Gales - Information Officer



A few high-quality pictures from Day 1: The Appalachian Trail southern terminus, Springer Mountain, Georgia (March 02, 2011)